Jasper Riverwalk

The Jasper Riverwalk was completed in July, 2000, and is maintained by the City of Jasper’s Park and Recreation Department.

It stretches 2.1 miles from the Ruxer Golf Course on South Clay Street, to 15th Street.  It follows the Patoka River through scenic wooded areas and along farm fields. Walkers, joggers and bicyclists can enjoy the Riverwalk without the worry of traffic. It also passes through the Dave Buehler Plaza and the Lions Club Park which is a handicap accessible playground.

The Dave Buehler Plaza, which is directly east of the Patoka River Bridge on Third Avenue, was named for the man behind the idea of a walkway along the river. Mr. Buehler had a vision of bringing the people to the river by creating an area they could enjoy. His idea, his generosity and his enthusiasm, along with the City of Jasper, made the Riverwalk a beautiful reality.   The Plaza offers picnic areas, 4 shelter houses, horseshoe pits, restrooms and a large paved area with a gazebo.

The Riverwalk is a permanent example of the community's love of recreation. It is used on a daily basis and will continue to bring Jasper citizens to the river to experience nature, socialize, meditate, exercise and enjoy life.

Scheduling Shelter Houses and Gazebo


For use of the Riverwalk path.


For the rental of Shelter House #1, #2, #3 or #4 each, per day.


For the the rental of the Gazebo.


Private Event

Contact Janessa Wolf, Jasper Park and Rec Department(812) 482-5959 to reserve.

Public Event

Permission must be obtained from the Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety.

Contact Janessa Wolf (812) 482-5959 for more information.

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