Schaeffer Barn

Known as the Schaeffer Barn in honor of the Prussian immigrants who built it 163 years ago, the hand-hewn log structure now sits at the corner of East Fourth and McCrillus Streets near the Riverwalk in a revitalized area of downtown Jasper.

The barn was originally located in Ferdinand and was built by the Schaeffer family. It remained part of their family until it was generously donated to ROJAC by descendents, Dave & Dennis Luebbehusen.

The first half of the barn was built by Johann Franz Schaeffer and his son John Anton Schaeffer in 1845. In 1860, the second half was built for grain storage and in the 1880’s the two parts were combined.

It was disassembled in 2005 and reassembled in its present location in 2006 by a group of volunteers.

The primary material used in the barn was chestnut logs.
This type of barn is a Cantilever Overhang, which was typical of many German buildings. Its construction technique of half-dovetail notches is unique. The longest continuous beam is 50 ft.  The barn includes three log cribs with two 26 ft long hand-hewn feeding troughs from a single white oak tree.

Local custom at the time was the use of the stone foundation which was paramount in the preservation of the barn.



For the log barn per day.

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Permission must be obtained from the Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety.

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